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Fujairah Oil Storage Terminal

Concord Energy, together with Sinopec Kantons, jointly developed Fujairah Oil Terminal (FOT), a world-class 1.155 million cubic metre onshore oil storage facility based in the rapidly developing port of Fujairah, which is located in the UAE outside the Straits of Hormuz on the Indian Ocean.

Fujairah is already one of the largest bunkering ports in the world and several pipeline projects are aiming to transport oil and natural gas from the Arab Gulf area for storage and vessel off-take in Fujairah. This will improve security, reduce shipping insurance and transport costs and allow the use of larger vessels than can be accommodated in the Gulf. Fujairah Oil Terminals was divested in 2015.


Concord Oil Terminal

Concord Energy is progressing with the construction of an independent 1.1 million m3 crude oil and petroleum products storage terminal in Fujairah (Concord Oil Terminal). The target commissioning date for the facility is mid 2018. This development builds on the successful commissioning of the Fujairah Oil Terminal (FOT) in early 2015, where Concord Energy was the lead developer. 

The Concord Oil Terminal will be constructed on 200,000 sq. m of land. It will have about 400,000 m3 of crude tanks connected to the VLCC jetty with flow rates of 12,000 m3/hr. In addition the facility will have a combination of 700,000 m3 of gasoil, gasoline and fuel oil tanks connected to the petroleum product jetties 2 to 9 at the Port of Fujairah.


PT Taruna Bina Sarana

This is an established 80,000 cubic metre onshore fuel storage and distribution terminal in Ciwandan Indonesia providing:

  • Onshore fuel storage terminal facilities at Ciwandan, Banten.
  • High-speed diesel storage with an associated jetty and tank wagon loading facilities.
  • Access to high growth bunker markets.
  • An onshore wholesale marketing license.

Shareholdings in TBS was divested in 2015.